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Book services and buy products
You can book certain services here and also buy products. We do not take any payment on this site, we will invoice you separately once we confirm availability and dates

Make sure you fill in all information during checkout so that we can contact you directly

services and delivery are carried out on set days for each postcode area we cover, you can choose a specific day and time for an extra charge if you wish,

  • TUESDAY - Scarborough
  • WEDNESDAY - Driffield
  • THURSDAY - Bridlington

Here you can book
  • installation Quotations
  • Chimney Sweep and Stove MOT
  • Replacement Stove Glass
  • Replacement fire bricks
  • Rope seal replacement
  • Buy spare parts
  • Buy DIY stove installation products
Book a sweep
Book your Chimney Sweep
We don't just Sweep your chimney we give the Stove an MOT alerting you of any issues and providing all the paperwork required for your home insurance company. This shows that you have done everything possible should there be a claim
Book a Free Quote
We offer FREE quotes for any installation or major works that involve the fitting and alterations of stoves and chimneys
Book a Stove MOT and Chimney Sweep
We Sweep the chimney and give the stove an MOT, alerting you of any potential issues. Full paperwork provided for your insurance company should you ever have a claim. Best for homeowners landlords and Holiday Lets
Chimney Liner
Our standard kit is a 10 Meter 5" diameter 316/316 stainless steel liner. Includes a cowl for the chimney and Stovepipe adaptor for the bottom connection. free delivery and installation advice on certain days.
DIY install kit
Kit includes ( stove options available )
5kw stove ( image is for referance only )
10m liner inc cowl and stove adaptor
500mm x 5" stovepipe
Chimney closure plate, Galvanised steel sheet
Co Alarm
Advice from a registered installer
plus free delivery on set days
Door seals
We supply door seals for any stove, we prefer to fit them onsite but can supply only if you want to try yourself ( price is supply only )
Fire Bricks
We can cut fire bricks on site from the pattern of your old brick, Price is per brick 25cm x 20 cm cut at your premises. Price will increase if brick is larger
Glass Replacement
We can cut glass and fit it at your property or just supply only. We need the measurements of the glass ready when we contact you in order for us to give you a price
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  • Full Installations
  • Chimney sweeps
  • Stove MOT
  • Stove Glass
  • Fire bricks
  • Diy install kits
  • Spare Parts

  • Family Run
  • Prompt and Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Fully registered
  • Fully Insured
Not Just Fires
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