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We are going to direct you straight to our suppliers website. Every stove you see has been tested and fitted by ourselves. We are proud to show you where we get our stoves from. We have a very transparent pricing structure.  You can buy direct from our supplier if you wish and we will still fit the stove for you. Before you do here are a few things to consider.

We charge a £100 Handling fee for every stove that weights under 100kg which covers most stoves, If its over 100kg then you need to contact us first for our price. The handling fee is for taking delivery, checking, Assembly and delivery to your property.

If you buy direct you will save yourself £100 but you need to be prepaired to handle a very heavy item on delivery. You also need to be aware that the stove is now your responsability. If its broken you are responsable for returning it. If it develops a fault you will have to pay for removal and re installation. We beleave the handling fee is worth every penny but it is entirely upto you.

The prices you are about to see are all uptodate. You need to add £40 delivery for each stove. If you want to buy direct from us please add the £100 handling fee.

So to be clear if you are buying direct from ourselves = Stove price + delivery £40 + Handling Fee £100

If you buy direct from Stoveworld UK you just pay the stove price + delivery

These Stoves may be cheap but we can assure you they are top quality. Stoveworld UK design, Build and sell direct to the public, No middleman hence the best prices available.

Please Click Here for the best stove prices in the UK

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